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Genealogy Requests


The Genealogy/Local History Dept. will do research in response to
personal and written inquiries. Only a limited amount of time may be
devoted to each request. Online Form, Letter, email, and phone requests
will be answered as soon as time allows, depending on other staff
demands and the number of inquiries received. Staff will do research in
indexed, printed sources and will only search materials dealing with
Sullivan and surrounding counties.

Please use the online form: Your full name and mailing address MUST
be included with every request. The Genealogy/Local History Dept.
charges $3.00 plus postage per query. This includes up to 12 pages of
material. After 12 pages, the charge is $0.10 per copy.

Check and/or Money Orders should be made out to:

Sullivan County Public Library/Genealogy/Local History Dept.

100 S. Crowder St. Sullivan, Indiana 47882

Ask A Genealogy Librarian
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Sullivan County Historian & Genealogist
Donna K. Adams

Genealogy Assistant
Paula Jewell

Department Hours

Closed during lunch
Saturday 12:00-5:00
Closed Sunday

(812) 268-4957

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