There are four books in a series of material relating to deaths in Sullivan County, Indiana.  All the items are taken from the Sullivan Democrat, Sullivan Union and Carlisle Democrat.

Items taken from the paper were:

     Obituaries:  As many as possible were taken in full contents.  When my length of time for borrowing the films was nearly exhausted, I was reduced to abstracting only the information concerning genealogical facts, personality traits and indications of relations. Many times I had to add ‘poem omitted.’

     Notices of deaths:  Short items of the death of some:  (Many times there were items stating that such and such person was on the point of death not likely so survive.  Several times I added these items, Only to have the person have a miraculous recovery and I would then have to locate the item and remove it.  I am sure that there were a few that did continue to die and by my not adding them, they are missed.)

     Administrators/ Executors notices:  These are included as sometimes there are no other indications of a death of a person.  With my adding their notice, a researcher is made aware there are documents available at the Courthouse.  Because of the length of some of the articles and legal language, I have abstracted only the pertinent information.

     Articles on the accidental/intentional death of individuals:  Many times these had to be abstracted due to the length of the article.  Also many were not followed up with obituaries.

     The items in the books are copied as near to the original article as possible.  There has been times that I’ve corrected some misspelled work unintentionally and then not been able to remedy this accident.  On the whole, I have tried to present it as close as possible.

                                                                                                                        written by Ann Miller


Copies of the Obituaries, Obsequies and Notices of Death from these books may be obtained by sending a query to:   

Sullivan County Public Library

Genealogy/Local History Dept.

Donna K. Adams

Sullivan County Historian

100 S. Crowder St.

Sullivan, IN 47882

(812) 268-4957 or Fax (812) 268-5730

or email


      Identify the title of book, name and page number.  Query must include name and address and $3.00 plus postage.  This will include up to 12 copies of material. 


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