Circulation Policy

Materials available to patrons for check out at ALL library locations are as follows:

  1. Check out time for Videos/DVDs is three (3) days renewable for three (3) days.
  2. Check out time for all other circulating material is three (3) weeks renewable for three (3) weeks.

Patrons may request placement in other user profiles such as teacher or special needs. These profiles have a different circulation period. Verification for these user profiles is required. Materials that are not circulated and cannot be removed from the library are as follows:

  1. Materials classed as reference.
  2. All material in the Genealogy Department – books, microfilm, etc.
  3. All documents placed in the library for public viewing – mine maps, mine permits, air quality permits, etc.

(Approved 5/13/2009)

Late Fee Policy

Historically, the Sullivan County Public Libraries have charged a late fee for overdue items. The following is in effect September 15, 2008:

  1. Late fees are charged in the amount of ten (10) cents per item per day. This includes all materials that may be checked out with the exception of DVDs, in which the late fee is $1 per item per day, and materials from the LIFE Library, for which no late fee is charged.
  2. Fees are due before other items may be checked out.
  3. If fees are substantial, payments may be made and items may be checked out as long as payment continues.
  4. A receipt is supplied upon request by the patron.

(Approved 9/10/2008)

Video/DVD Policy

  1. Patron must show his/her current Sullivan County Public Library Card. Patron must be eighteen (18) years old.
  2. Patron must use his/her own card.
  3. Patron must have have a signed policy on file.
  4. Patron is limited to two (2) items at time of checkout.
  5. Items may not be reserved.
  6. Items may be checked out for three (3) days.
  7. Items may be renewed one (1) time.
  8. There is a $1 fine per day per item on overdue items.
  9. Items must be returned to the front desk. Do not use the drop box.
  10. The patron will be charged replacement costs for damaged or unreturned items. (Materials in the collection range from $10 to $100.)
  11. If borrowing privileges are abused or frequently violated, borrowing rights for the family will be revoked.
  12. These materials are copyrighted and are intended for “home viewing” only. They may not be shown where admission is charged and may not be duplicated. The patron accepts responsibility for lawful use of borrowed material.
  13. The library assumes no responsibility for content of viewing material.
  14. The library is in no way responsible for damage caused to the patron’s equipment while using library materials.
  15. Materials are inspected upon return and, if found to be damaged, the borrower will be notified. Damaged materials will not be re-circulated. Therefore, any damage discovered will be the current borrower’s responsibility.
  16. Patrons with Reciprocal Borrower’s card receive the same borrowing privileges as patrons with county cards.

(Approved 8/9/2013)

DVD Policy for Instructors

  1. Borrowers must use their own valid Sullivan County Public Library card.
  2. Borrowers are limited to two (2) DVDs.
  3. DVDs may be reserved one (1) week in advance.
  4. DVDs may be checked out for a three (3) day period renewable for three (3) days.
  5. There will be a $1 fine per day per DVD for late return.
  6. DVDs must be returned to the circulation desk.
  7. Borrower will be charged replacement costs for damaged or unreturned DVDs.
  8. If borrowing privileges are abused or frequently violated, borrowing rights will be revoked.
  9. The materials are copyrighted and are intended for “classroom viewing only” except where noted on the item. They may not be shown where admission is charged and not be duplicated. The borrower accepts responsibility for lawful use of the DVD.
  10. The library assumes no responsibility for the content. The library is in no way responsible for damage that may be caused to the borrower’s AV equipment while using DVDs from the library collection.

(Approved 8/14/13)

Computer Policy

Sullivan County Public Library

  1. The Sullivan County Public Library uses PC Cop for print management.
  2. Patrons may register with their library card at the circulation desk for automatic sign-in as a guest.
  3. Time is limited to one (1) hour per day with two (2) one (1) hour extensions if there are open computers. Exceptions will be made for school work, writing resumes, filing online applications, etc. Computers in the children’s room are limited to thirty (30) minutes renewable once per day. A patron must be in high school to use adult computers.
  4. Chat rooms and e-commerce are not allowed.
  5. Email may be checked on occasion, but the Sullivan County Public Libraries should not be used for personal email accounts.
  6. Copies cost ten (10) cents per page and twenty-five (25) per page for color. Circulation staff must be notified for a print job to be completed. Copies must be paid for in advance.
  7. If a problem exists with the computer or print job, notify a staff person.
  8. Any damage inflicted on the computer will be evaluated, and the user may be held financially responsible if the situation warrants.

Branch Libraries

  1. Patrons sign in at the circulation desk.
  2. Time is limited to thirty (30) minutes per day with a thirty (30) minute extension if there are open computers. Exceptions will be made for school work, writing resumes, filing online applications, etc.
  3. Copies are ten (10) cents per page.

(Approved 8/14/2013)

Children’s Library Use Policy

Children are welcome and encouraged to use the Sullivan County Public Libraries.

Rules pertaining to library use are the following:

  1. Children eight (8) and under are to be accompanied by an adult.
  2. Children attending story time are to be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Children between the ages of eight (8) and twelve (12) are not to be left unattended at the libraries for a time period exceeding one (1) hour.
  4. Computer and Internet usage rules are found in the Computer Policy (see above) and the Internet Usage Policy.

(Approved 3/12/2008)

Juvenile Patron Behavior Policy

The Sullivan County Public Library has put the following rules in place in order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment for children and young adults visiting the library:

  1. Absolutely no running, rowdy play, disruptive, or destructive behaviors are allowed inside or outside the library facilities.
  2. Patrons must use inside voices and appropriate language at all times while visiting the library.
  3. Patrons must turn cell phones off or set them to vibrate while in the library.
  4. Only adults and people with disabilities or injuries may use the elevator.
  5. Computer use by juvenile patrons is limited to two (2) 30-minute sessions per day.
  6. Children age 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult while visiting the library.

Any patron not following the rules or causing a disturbance will be asked up to two (2) times by Staff to stop the offending behavior. If the behavior continues after two warnings, the patron will be asked to leave the library for the day. If a juvenile patron does not or is not able to leave when asked, a parent or adult guardian will be called to attend to his/her behavior. (Approved 11/14/2012)

eBook Policy

Freading is the current supplier of eBooks to the Sullivan County Public Libraries. Participants in the program must meet the following requirements:

  1. Valid library card
  2. Valid email address

To register, the patron must complete a setup process with the library. A confirmation will be sent to the patron’s email address and the site may be accessed from the library website. eBooks can be downloaded from the libraries or from home. Staff will assist first time users and will address problems as they occur. (Approved 11/14/2012) – For more information on Freading, visit the SCPL Freading Page.

Interlibrary Loan Policy

  1. Each interlibrary loan request that involves postage payment will be the responsibility of the patron making the request. The amount will be determined by actual cost of the postage. This may be the cost to receive and return the book or only to return the book, depending on the policy of the lender.
  2. Patrons are expected to pay at the time the item is received.
  3. Patrons are expected to return all materials to the Sullivan County Public Library by the date stamped on the item’s cover sheet.
  4. Payment for lost or damaged items is the responsibility of the patron.
  5. Patrons are responsible for postage bill whether the item is picked up or not.

Materials not made available by Sullivan County Public Libraries to fulfill ILL requests include the following:

  • Reference Materials
  • Genealogy Materials
  • Audio CDs
  • DVDs
  • Music CDs
  • Indiana Collection
  • Materials arranged in sets or volumes
  • Any materials less than six (6) months old
  • Any other materials the director deems unsuitable for ILL

(Approved 2/14/2007)

Agenda Policy

To be recognized at a Sullivan County Public Library Board meeting, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Seven (7) days prior to a scheduled Board Meeting, a request to the director to be placed on the agenda must be made. This request may be either a written or oral request.
  2. The party making the request will be informed of a time limit set at the Board’s discretion. Some factors entering into the time limit may include number of participants and the subject matter.

(Approved 6/14/2004)

Outreach Policy

A book collection will be delivered by the Sullivan County Public Library to off-library sites including the high-rises and hospital. Large print and paperback books are delivered to participating sites according to the need of their readers. Books are rotated approximately every six (6) weeks. Participating sites are expected to keep track of materials and see that they are returned.

Books will be delivered to the homebound upon request.

(Approved 2/14/2007)

Display Case Policy

The Sullivan County Public Library has two display cabinets at the library. One is located in the adult fiction area and the other in the children’s department. Both are available for public use.

  1. Any group wishing to make use of the display cabinet must be a not-for-profit organization.
  2. Any individual wishing to make use of the display cabinet must not use it as a means of advertising.
  3. Display material must be approved by the director or the children’s librarian at the time of the request.
  4. Exhibitors are encouraged to reserve the display cabinet six (6) months in advance.
  5. There will be a time limit of four (4) weeks unless otherwise noted.
  6. Exhibits must be put in place during the first week of the time allotment.
  7. Exhibits must be removed by the last day of the time allotment.
  8. The library reserves the right to select suitable times for library exhibits.
  9. Each group or individual must include full name of the organization or name, address, and phone number at the time of registration.
  10. The Sullivan County Public Library will assume liability due to fire or theft.
  • Releases are available to sign at the Sullivan County Public Library.

(Approved 2/12/14)

Gift Policy

  1. Gift money is placed in a separate Gift Fund.
  2. Gifts are either restricted or unrestricted.
    1. Restricted gifts may be designated for materials, equipment, furnishings, restoration, programming, etc.
      1. Materials: Books, audio tapes, DVDs, CDs, computer software, etc.
      2. Equipment: Computer hardware, office equipment.
      3. Furnishings: Shelving, furniture, carpeting, light fixtures.
      4. Restoration: Painting, refinishing of interiors and furniture, or anything to maintain the historical integrity of the buildings
      5. Programming: Children’s and adult
      6. Other
    2. Unrestricted gifts are placed in the general Gift Fund.
  3. Gift materials, such as books or art work, may be donated to the Library in lieu of money.
  4. All used materials donated to the library become property of the Library and may be used as the Library sees fit.
  5. Gift arrangements are handled by the business office and the director.
  6. In certain situations, the benefactor and the Library will complete the gift form.
  7. The benefactor of a gift will be notified upon receipt of the gift. Thank you notes will be sent by the director to all parties involved.
  8. Benefactors of ongoing funds will be notified of individual contributions to the established fund unless otherwise stipulated.
  9. Upon request, benefactors of ongoing funds with a balance at the end of the fiscal year may receive an accounting report in January of the following year.

(Approved 5/13/15)

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