Types of Library Cards


Materials available to patrons for check out at Sullivan County Public Library locations are as follows:


  1. Check out time for materials such as books, audiobooks, and magazines is three weeks renewable for three weeks. (Item Limit: 75 – Hold Limit: Seven Days)
  2. Check out time for movies is seven days renewable for seven days. Patron must be 18 years old to checkout. (Item Limit: 5 – Hold Limit: 24 Hours)
  3. Check out time for mobile hotspot is seven days renewable for seven days. Patron must be 18 years old to checkout. Mobile hotspots must be returned to the library that they are checked out from. (Item Limit: 1 – Hold Limit: 24 Hours)


Patrons may request to have their user profile changed to a different status, such as teacher or special needs.  These profiles allow for checkout times to be doubled (excluding mobile hotspots). Materials are only able to be renewed if there are no holds on the item. 


Materials that are not circulated and cannot be removed from the Library are as follows:


  1. Reference materials
  2. Materials housed in the Genealogy Department, such as books, microfilm, etc.
  3. All documents placed in the Library for public viewing, such as mine maps and permits, air quality permits, newspapers, etc. 


The following rules will apply regarding overdue items: 


  1. No fines or fees will be charged for late returned print materials, movies, or audiobooks. Mobile hotspots will incur a $1 per day late fee. Patron accounts will be blocked if amount owed is $5 or more.
  2. Patrons are allowed a 14-day grace period after the due date before their borrowing privileges are suspended. Items unreturned at 60 days past the due date will be assumed lost and then billed to the patron’s account. After this time, items are not returnable and borrowing privileges will remain suspended until the replacement cost of the item(s) has been paid. 
  3. If an item is lost or damaged, the patron must pay for the replacement cost of the item before borrowing privileges are returned. Damage to a movie or audiobook case will result in a $5 reprocessing fee per case. 
  4. If a patron owes more than $25 for an unreturned item(s), their account may go into collection if unpaid 60 days past the due date. The patron will then also be responsible for a $10 collection filing fee.


09/10/2008 (Revised 05/13/09; 12/14/16; 2/8/17; 11/7/18; 3/13/19; 6/12/19; 12/18/19; 12/30/19)