Selection Policy

The objective of the Sullivan County Public Libraries is to provide a diverse collection of materials in a variety of formats for county residents. Some materials may contain controversial points of view and may be unpopular, or even offensive, to some of the community. What a library patron chooses to read or view is an individual choice. All families have the right to reject materials for themselves or their families but do not have the right to restrict the rights of others.

Library materials are selected on the basis of literary, educational, informational, and recreational value. No single standard can be applied to each potential acquisition. As a result, several criteria are used in the selection process. Criteria may include artistic merit, scholarship, informational value, historic value, demand, and budget considerations. Standard literary and library reviewing sources and basic lists of standard works are used as guidelines.

The Sullivan County Public Library Board of Trustees affirms the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement.

The Sullivan County Public Library Board of Trustees has delegated to the library director the authority and responsibility for the selection and management of the library materials collection. The director, in turn, can delegate this responsibility to trained staff to assist in collection development in accordance with this policy.